Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update October 16-21

The fur could be flying soon over at the vets as Denise’s replacement makes himself too much at home. Will Jakob and Alistair adjust or will they, for very different reasons, long for the staid lifestyle and quiet efficiency of their former nurse?
While they pine for the past, all kinds of trouble breaks out in Ambridge. Alan boldly makes a move that could bring down the wrath of powerful villagers upon his ordained head, while ructions threaten when Brad discovers who the father of Chelsea’s baby is.
Steer clear of George as he looks for a favour, and listen out for the sound of disaster at Beechwood and the thump of Martyn Gibson putting his foot in it.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter


I’m getting a wee bit sick of adds-up-in-his-head-and-is-therefore-a-genius Brad and his tendency to blurt and interfere.
I comfort myself with the hope that he’s being Horribly Bullied at college now.


Maybe Jazzer’s lack of impulse control is rubbing off on him. Wait, now I come to think of it, when you consider he also lives with Tracy and Chelsea, it’s hardly fair of me to point the finger at Jazzer solely in that department.