Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update October 17-21

Mooching around the byways of Ambridge these days, it’s difficult to know where you are. Old faces disappear without explanation, newcomers swarm in, forgotten returnees vie for attention, while lesser-known faces creep out of the woodwork. It’s all quite disturbing, but there may be a solution to the problem. A labour shortage at Bridge Farm brings fears that common scab might blight the carrots and E. coli flourish in the yoghurt. Perhaps some of these blow-ins could do a few shifts up there, leaving the rest of us to browse the sparsely stocked shelves of the village shop in peace? Meanwhile, Shula and Lilian form a worrying alliance, Adam springs a surprise on Ian, and Kenton worries about The Bull’s future.

Thanks to LadySusan of ‘The Ambridge Reporter’