Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update October 23-28

It’s interesting how Kate, when under attack, doesn’t bother with any of her Spiritual Home calming meditation. Instead she strides off on her enormous feet, hellbent on revenge. This week Kate is after Kirsty’s blood as she thinks Ambridge’s unluckiest resident has been sabotaging business at her holistic retreat, but Kirsty has a cunning Halloween plan.
While the pair stalk each other, Alice gets the cross-country course under way and Oliver wonders if the time is right for a Hunt Ball.
Plus, the ding-dong about Peggy’s stained-glass window takes another turn, and Jill and Leonard push on with their B&B project.
This is all just background noise for poor Chelsea, who must make her decision now.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter



Oh noes, the cards have been thrown away.