Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update October 30-Nov 4

Fabrice of Felpersham will have to buck his ideas up. He may have done marvels fluffing up Lynda, Susan and Jennifer’s locks, but now he has a rival. Chelsea, despite all her woes, has been snipping away at Ambridge heads and this week, her talent has been spotted. Will this skill be enough to help her along the rocky road ahead?
Lots of us have been looking forward to Kirsty’s Halloween walk, especially the bit that involves Kate, but a problem comes Kirsty’s way, leaving her in need of a stalwart with a rescue plan.
Meanwhile, weary Vince makes his way through the Lower Loxley topiary, where he finds a warm welcome from the Widow Pargetter.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter



I want one of those wee birdie