Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Sep 1-6


Lexi waddles into view, carrying Ian and Adam’s hopes and dreams with her, but seems ill at ease. Could heartache be brewing under the Thatched roof of Honeysuckle Cottage?
The Brookfield lambs, having thought they’d got a reprieve when the local abattoir closed down, get a nasty shock when Ruth starts rounding them up - then Ruth finds she is also at the mercy of another. That’s dramatic irony for you!
Tracy, who’s having too much fun getting her reluctant sister back into single life, makes - even by Horrobin standards - a bizarre decision and, at the odd Greenacre ménage, Jazzer helps Jim to overcome his fear.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


Has Neil been carried off by predators? I presume they mean ‘niece’ rather than sister, though, disappointingly.
What’s the betting she opens her fat and eminently punchable gob regarding recent events at (?) Greenwood, Emmur having been stupid enough to tell her her version of it?


Bear in mind that they haven’t … yet … done incest. Pretty much all of the other issues have been ticked off.