Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Sep 30-Oct 5

Brace yourselves: the day of the Flower and Produce Show, an event decent Borsetshire citizen should dread, dawns.T he Freda Fry Cup is up for grabs and the Button sisters are on the loose. Will Brian’s plotting bear bitter fruit? Will Nic’s contribution from beyond the grave win a prize, and who will sweep the board at the cake stall? Stay away, by the way, from any of those suspiciously inflated marrows.
Despite all this drama, Freddie’s sentencing still keeps tongues wagging, keeping Elizabeth on a war footing with a family member.
Meanwhile, Home Farm is rocked by another financial crisis, Fallon - already in low mood - gets a nasty shock, and Jill’s birthday outing, despite much effort at jollity, takes a turn for the sombre.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


What else can go wrong at Home Farm. Not content with heaping endless misery on Elizabeth are they are now doing the same to Brian and Jennifer?


It sounds to me that you feel misery being heaped on Widderbeth is for some reason unsporting.
You are wrong about that.
More misery by the lorryload, with special little bot -trucks to unship and spread it.

Freddie, btw, will make a lovely corpse and will no doubt remind Widderbeth of Nigel, despite not being splattered over the patio