Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update Sep 4-9

If you’ve been growing something vast but inedible this hot summer, why not load it on to a wheelbarrow and head for Ambridge’s Flower and Produce Show? The field is wide open now that Bert, Joe and their dubious way with marrows are out of the running. You’d have to find your own way there, though. Watch out if your route goes past the Horrobin home, where Tracy boils over, Chelsea takes action and Brad confesses.
Elsewhere, Harrison is in demand, Fallon has a bone to pick and Jolene takes the lead, adding to an already dramatic week.
To top it all, the past - as it so often does - comes back to haunt some Ambridgers, while for one couple storm clouds gather on the horizon.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter


Huh? What did Brad confess to?

What bone has Fallon to pick with whom?

And for whom are there storm-clouds on the horizon?


I think the couple referenced there were Lily and Russ.

The self-righteous, right-on, hypocrytical porcophiliac besom didn’t like Richard Thwaite “dissing” Chels, virgin & martyr manquée (shurely ‘manky’? Ed.)

Alas, not incest. This shite is usually written by the office rubber-plant, and it’s actually a vocabulary problem. For ‘confesses’ read ‘says Russ bought Chelsea lunch once, the utter pervert!’

There. All making perfect sense now?



I thought it was Jolene who had the squabble with Richard Thwaite? Such professional behaviour from a landlady…

Lily and Russ are not Ambridgers: they live in the village of Lower Loxley.


Both are fair points; however the poor sodding rubber-plant only had whatever summary TBTB provide to work from.
And you might as well accept that LL has moved and is now part of Greater Ambridge.


The Bozos That Be?

Historically, Lower Loxley is part of Ambridge already.


Close, Sparrer, close…