Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update September 25-30

The past - or so we are reliably informed - will come back to haunt Clarrie this week and surprising revelations will emerge. How can this be? Did she et the entente get a bit too cordiale all those years ago when Ambridge was twinned with Meyruelle, or has that nasty E.coli business reared its head again? We shall see. As far as Eddie’s concerned, a healthy profit is heading the Grundys’ way, while George hatches his own - not quite so healthy - money-making schemes.
Up at Brookfield, Leonard throws himself into doing the old place up, but he too may be hatching plans.
Meanwhile, Vince makes an unexpected offer to Ben, but Ben may not be in a position to accept his largesse.

Thanks to Lady Susan of The Ambridge Reporter


“…and it turns out Hellholeistan, where I need this little job done, doesn’t honour British child support requests…”