Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update September 5-9

The whole shaky and unconvincing Carter/Archer/Aldridge alliance comes under even greater strain this week. Susan, having smelt the whiff of re-poked embers from the long-dampened flames of romance between Neil and Shula, has been on edge for weeks; now she comes to a terrible realisation. It will leave her worried about her and Neil’s future - and, this being Susan, she’ll worry about who’s fault it all is.
On top of all this, her strapping farrier son has to deal with a tricky call from his wife’s rehab clinic, leaving Brian and Jennifer in a quandary about doing the right thing for their troubled daughter.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


I like a disturbed Radio C

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All should en sure Alish hot foots it to TB


Ooh, has she met one of the few survivors of the Great Ambridge Badger Massacree?


Sh has a machine fuelled by C2H5OH that destroys all in its path…