David and the 'kiss of death'

Now that Brian has pronounced David to be looking rough and he no longer considers him suited to be any form of guardian, for Ruauri - surely this must be the kiss of death for David and he’ll develop terminal woodworm before the year is out.

It does of course bring into question, who is suitable.

Brian, mate. S’bleedin’ obvious… Elizabeth. She’s only 50. Seems to be quite successful at keeping LL running, so must we assume, be brighter than most other local (family) candidates.


Molly Button.

It is written.

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It might be written but it is never bloody well read.
I can live with that, tbh. The very young are uniformly tedious.

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And she has such a good record of successful interaction with adolescent males.


Francis Urquhart strikes again. :laughing:

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