Dunk Lyndy-Pooh?


Nahhhh! “Dunk The YoutubeCeleb over Lyndy-Pooh’s DeadBody” sounds a much better idea! Whaddya think?


Better still if it started as Lynda’s live body


ye-es, but on the other hand think of the hideous noise that would be emitted (briefly)… a difficult call


Brief - and final

(No disrespect to Ms Boyd, of course, who is a wonderful actor. She herself described Lynda as “obnoxious”)


Yes, I’m a big fan too. She’s a wonderful reader of audiobooks among her many talents.


…such an event might even generate a following so that it becomes a (…dramatic pause here) regular feature of the ShambridgeVillageFarce! (…:thinking: anyone know if they installed a freezer in the GreenBurialGround (remember that one?)


There’s only so much a defibrillator can do.


That depends…



Ooo that is cruelty to poor Lyndybots

Might I have a ringside seat please?