Emma showing her colours

as a thoroughly nasty bit of work, I felt.

Christopher had done nothing whatever to provoke that tirade from her apart from working hard all his life and taking the opportunities he made for himself, and thus getting the things which she, by throwing away every opportunity, does not have.

What a nasty jealous piece of work she is! He will know better than to invite her to a party next time, won’t he.

I’m glad that he hit back and hurt her for her horrible behaviour.


At last someone, after provocation, deigned to tell her that she’s living a fantasy.

He did it in a cod accent but that’s another matter.


Sounded more halibut to me. Chris - our Chris - will know…

On the subject of accents, I was driving at the time so not entirely sure, but I think we were well over halfway through tonight’s episode before we heard the first consonant.


If those are Emma’s colours. She needs to change to Daz.

Looks like the foundations to another issue-led story.

Someone should tell her that it’s not up to Demarara or Justin Whatshisface to allocate who will get an “affordable” house. If they are ever built. That will be initially down to the unitary authority.


If she and Ed had got onto the housing ladder when they married they might well have got a house by now. Not in Ambridge, where there seems to be no housing association housing apart from 6, The Green, but why should they be entitled to live in the village where their parents do? Most people don’t do that, these days.


Exactly. It’s another very poorly researched story by the metropolitan coffee-bar set writing TA at the moment.

The most like way any affordable house will be disposed of, if built. Is as part of some home-share scheme, with local government/housing associations having 75% of the house and the tenant/prospective owner, havinjg to find the money for the other 25% and pay a rent on top of that, to the majority owner, a part of which will go to buying more of a share.

Emma is just being astonishingly thick, if she thinks keeping a scrap-book of what she will decorate her house like etc. is going to be any help. This is the sort of thing 5-7 year-olds might do.

I think as a character, she needs killing off. Then we can have a reasonable s/l of Ed, trying to bring up young Keira etc as a single father…


Killing Emma off would get my vote, although that would probably have Susan turning her into Saint Emma


I’ve just had an idea which I believe merits consideration as it would in some ways be a lot more fun than killing off Emma.

How about Keira breaking her neck on that ruddy trampoline while Emmur is rushing to get ready to go to the chicken plant and not supervising her because she imagines Clarrie is (and vice versa). Much wailing and gnashing of teeth, bitterness, recriminations, end of the marriage, Grundys and Carters shunning one another like blazes, Will no longer permitting Ed access to Jawge.

Years of amusement in that one.


Not bad Gus, not bad at all :grinning:


But then they’d expect us to feel sorry for Ed, Emma the Grundy’s and the Susan creature.
TBH I don’t think I could stop laughing for long enough.

I’m a sadistic bar-steward… Did I mention that?