…like mother like daughter???


Like mother like daughter in speech - Emma’s accent is a very natural evolution of Susan’s. O’Hanrahan does a bloody good job, imo. Emma’s behaviour, though, isn’t quite on the Susan pattern, much though I loathe the aforementioned pigwife.


…I agree with all you’ve said about the actresses, but I thought it might be confuserating to oldies like wot I am for there to be another RadioCarter, so I thought a suitable soubriquet might be CarterTheMouth, or EmmurTheMouth, or even EmmurTheTongueLasher??? …and yes, she definitely gets it from her Mum, whereas Pigsy is a much kinder, gentler soul, although I think he nailed (figuratively) Edwierd in tonight’s episode. I’m sure he would liked to have done it literally (…see what I did there? :roll_eyes:)


The point about Radio Carter (or Radio 1) was that Susan broadcasts everything.

Emma doesn’t. She badmouths people, but it isn’t in the way of gossip like Susan.

That’s why I don’t find them all that similar. Emma is vindictive and nasty in a way Susan on the whole is not. For instance Susan brown-noses “the quality”; Emma is covertly offensive about them. And Emma expects people to give her “her dues”; Susan gets on with getting things for herself.

And Susan would never in a million years have been vile to her husband in the way that Emma is to hers, no matter how stupid a mistake he might have made.


…very true! I think Edwierd & Emmur to be as perfect a matched pair as PIgsy & Shrewsun! (two matches made in Heaven or Hambridge (three if you count TheDopeys, four if you consider FagAsh & JustDim!)


(…and five if you count TheOnlyGayCoupleInTheVillage!) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: