Fencing work?


Isn’t that what Ed turned down?


In a manner of speaking


I thort it was an after-hours driving project… …getaway tractor for some potato-rustling? …JCB for some after-hours interments for the local firm (Crawford & Co.) Er, um… …smuggling a load of illegal soft-fruit harvesters in from the continent?


I don’t think this is going to end well! Have they lapsed on speed watch?! I’m getting nasty premonitions of a car crash and chemical burns!


They hate us too much for that. Nice idea though.


I do like the idea of SpeedWatch being involved. Think of the potential for “collateral damage”…


Ohhhhh, yessss. The Snell-beast squished.


Oh, I don’t mind Lynda, there’s definitely others higher up my “pop off” list. I’d like to see Toby disappear so Pip and Rex can get together, but perhaps whatever it is/was in Brighton will take care of that if the storyline ever comes out of the random sorting hat again!


No, Kara, no! Rex is far too nice for Pip! Toby, Toby is the one she deserves.


Rex is a tedious drip, imo.


Well yes, you do have a point. Lecturing Toby that he must ‘support’ Pip, must be reliable and so on. Let him mind his own business. And pointing out he was the one who looked after their dad when he had a heart attack. Ruddy virtue-signaller.

But he mustn’t marry Pip. She will have him strictly under her thumb and I want Pip to suffer from Toby’s unreliability. If she and Toby marry, it’s only a matter of time before he strays. Bring it on!