For Heaven's sake, Jill,


have some dignity! Can’t you wait until 29th February to ask him? I never heard anyone being so obvious.


Saved me the trouble of opening this thread, Fishy: thank you.
Though I see no reason why she should wait until the 29th Feb - just bloody ask him, if that’s what you want, woman. But don’t angle for him to ask you. S’orrible.
But < brightens > David will have pink fits.


There is that. And with luck she would then go and live with her husband, too.


Almost too much to hope for, that.

Unless, just maybe, Greene wants to cut back on her work commitments: that would be a good way of cutting them down without killing Jill off immediately after Joe. I’m all for either option, less or no Jill being good and better options.


Perhaps the present editor is not so struck on her as O’Connor said he was.


Now there was a man with Mummy Issues to put Dayveed’s completely in the shade


I’d love to hear the Brookers lot struggling to get on without her. David ought to have died of shame instead of complaining about all of the things that Leonard is doing at Brookfield; they are the exact things he and the rest of that sorry lot allow Jill to do for them every day.


The character was born in 1930, so it might not be entirely surprising if she still feels that it’s for the man to ask the woman.


A fair point; but then she ought also to know better than to fish so shamelessly.
A character born in 1930 also ought to know better than to lurk around outside people’s bathrooms with a fist full of pregnancy tests, come to think of it.


So should anyone over the age of about ten, but does that stop 'em? Not in Archersland.


You were hoping for subtlety in a Stimpleton week?


Well, this is all going to go wonderfully , isn’t it? Strewth, David is even thicker than I had previously thought, not getting the point of the initial conversation with Leonard. But it’s a very odd way for Leonard of the Immaculate Dentures to go about things, imo: the familial implications of the proposal are for Jill to consider before biting his hand off when considering her answer. All he has to do is decide whether or not he wants to ask her. And I do feel he has been somewhat railroaded into that, the bloody fool.

And I really, really resent finding myself liking something Pip said - her blithe assumption that David will cark it first plus her total lack of objection to her mother finding someone else thereafter, although I feel that in reality that might be quite a short queue…


It seemed to me that the only correct thing for David to say was along the lines of “goodness, I’m not her keeper; it’s up to her whether she wants to marry you, not me”.


Well yes, Dunnock, but do remember you are dealing with the BNYs here (Brookfield Nest of Yahoos) who are devoid of any social or moral graces whatsoever. They did, briefly, have a slightly crispy Grace, I believe…


is one for the nicknames, please.


you have carte blanche to grab anything you deem worthy, dere Fishy.
God, aren’t they (the BNYs) awful?


Remarkably so, even given the rest of the Ambridge inhabitants as competitors.


Yes, it was all very odd indeed. First of all, Leonard thinking he has to propose to Jill because she has (he thinks) hinted she’d like that. Telling David that he thought they were fine as they were suggests he’s not all that keen on the idea himself.

And then, as you say, to consult David before saying anything to Jill! Oh, and now Pip the Wonderful knows too. Oh well, I suppose it’s a first for Jill to be the last to know. She found out they weren’t moving before Ruth did and she clocked Ruth’s pregnancy even before she did herself.


Are we meant to believe that Jill’s heavy hints were all just a hilarious misunderstanding? If so, they really are not playing fair at all.



Run away as fast as you can

Or be an unpaid serf forevva