Freddy's prospects

Been doing a bit of digging. If - as is likely - there’s evidence of contact between him and Ellis (text messages, emails etc) he’s looking at “Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs”. The definition of “conspiracy” is, to say the least, flexible:

A criminal conspiracy is where two or more people plan to carry out behaviour that will involve a criminal offence or offences being committed. Conspiracy to supply class A drugs can therefore cover planning or carrying out any behaviour intended to contribute to the supply of class A drugs.

The actions being planned do not necessarily need to be criminal in and of themselves for conspiracy charges to apply, the actions merely have to be intended to contribute to a plan that will lead to a crime being committed. For example, driving a car to pick up a shipment of cocaine could see you charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs, even though the action of driving a car itself is not criminal.

Source: Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs - Conspiracy Solicitor

Even if he manages to dodge a conspiracy charge, his actions place him in the “significant role” category, not “lesser”:


  • operational or management function within a chain;
  • involves others in the operation whether by pressure, influence, intimidation or reward;
  • motivated by financial or other advantage, whether or not operating alone;
  • some awareness and understanding of scale of operation;
  • supply, other than by a person in a position of responsibility, to a prisoner for gain without coercion.

LESSER role:

  • performs a limited function under direction;
  • engaged by pressure, coercion, intimidation;
  • involvement through naivety/exploitation;
  • no influence on those above in a chain;
  • very little, if any, awareness or understanding of the scale of operation;
  • if own operation, absence of any financial gain, for example joint purchase for no profit, or sharing minimal quantity between peers on non-commercial basis.


Since he was “street dealing”, the quantity in his possession is not considered; he’d be classed under under Category 3 and be looking at 3½ to 7 years

Even a “lesser” role can lead to a custodial sentence should a judge so decide:


Dear me, what a cartload of tosh that is when set against what Plod actually exercises itself to do. Ime not a tap. Although they did once get excited about paraphernalia.He was quite young. I blame I-Spy books meself


I post that merely for reference. It will be interesting to see how the Borsetshire Rural Crime Unit’s investigation compares.

(That took me about ten minutes to find; I wonder how long the SWs spent on their research, sorry, reeeeeeesearch?)


Whatever they want for the plot is what will happen.