Help me out here, please

In what way does Emmur questioning what is in it for Jim in helping her with her campaign, accepting that it is probably because he hates Snelllian guts, then deciding that it’s not her problem if he is demoted from parish Clerkdom on account of partiality and deciding to accept his help, demonstrate her ‘integrity’? Pragmatism I’d give you.


I think the idea was that her even noticing that there might be a conflict of interests was said to show her integrity.

After all, in TA you only have to know what the right thing to do would be; you don’t actually have to do it.

Peggy is a very stupid woman, in almost every respect. In fact I challenge you to name me anything she has actually been right about during this century.


When did she say ‘When it suits, dear’? Must have been this century, I only started listening in 2007!


Immoderate chortles, Janie.
But on the whole I do agree with Fanta - she seems to pride herself on her non-nonsense brand of common sense while handling most things in the worst possible way.

Oh, I do applaud her for importing Hilda Ogden, though. That cat has yet to come fully into its power, you mark my words.


I disagree. Keeping an animal which is dangerous is rarely a good idea, even if only because it influences other people against that sort of animal.

I’m afraid that just as I advocate killing dogs which savage people unprovoked, I advocate the same for cats. I know that cats are Special and so on; that does not mean that vicious specimens which are not even friends of long standing should be kept alive until they cause the death of an elderly woman because their scratch turns septic, or blind a toddler.


Doesn’t that rather depend on how one feels about the elderly woman? Take Peggy, for instance (oh yes, please, Lord, do)
And people should prevent their toddlers from tormenting and provoking cats, so no sympathy there. You really should know better than to try to get me onside with a ‘Will no one think of the children’ ploy.

Hilda, like Gollum, although perhaps vicious and without obvious redeeming features, might yet prove vital to the greater good.


My life is too short to keep vicious creatures about me on the off-chance that they may be part of God’s Great Plan or something.

I also kill wasps in my kitchen, if they decline my polite invitations to leave through the open door they came in by.

Hilda Ogden quite clearly attacks without provocation; a toddler on the way to Grey Gables with its mother might be minding its own business and not even know the animal was there in the Lodge hedge until it was savaged. As might anyone, male, female, young, old, whatever. That is why I have no time for Hilda Ogden.

(The elderly woman she savaged was Christine.)


There is no evidence that Hilda lurks and springs out on passing people, claws aglint and chops a-slaver, she just slashes those who invade her personal space when encouraged to do so by Peggy. And as I have no strong feelings either way about Christine, tant pis (ou Tante Carton, si vouz voulez)
Nothing to do with God’s Great Plan, just TA scripts