Here's an idea!


…here’s an idea! MsHilda returns… …but she is now possessed by the spirit of TheOldGrundgie! …there! SWs, are you listening?


Well I did wonder, since Alice described her as ‘fatter than ever’, if Hilda has come home pregnant. So there we have it - Joe reincarnated as a tomcat.


…complete wiv long, sharp, pointy toe-nails! ClarriE.Coli-Luv!!!


Anything conceived on her recent peregrinations wouldn’t be showing yet. Sorry.


And if she has not been spayed, why no kittens between February 2017 and now?


Oddly, I was not being entirely serious.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily put it past the SWs. I mean Hilda being pregnant, not the Joe bit - why would it being scarcely credible bother them?


The Red Sonya effect?


As a fellow cat person in the group I agree, she cannot return pregnant fat after a few mere days away, and it would be terribly poor behaviour to have a non spayed female.


…but since when has that ever got in the way of an incredibly unlikely story-line in TA??
(extra marks will be awarded for examples)


It’s pretty irresponsible with cats, too.


…nice one, @joe dere! :rofl:


It is so clear that none of the storywriters know about cats. Or know how people who live with cats behave. What I really found weird was a while back when Peggy was trying to conceal the evidence of Hilda’s hunting, as if it were a moral failing on the part of her cat that was too shaming to reveal. Are we to understand that neither Bill nor Ben ever caught anything?


… to be followed by a pregnancy longer than Lexi’s.

Will the daft old bat be leaving all her money to Hilda & her family ? Now, THAT would be funny.


More bonkers cat stuff:

Why has Peggy allowed her un-spayed cat to wander around for … how long has she had Hilda? And, as Fanta has said, why has Hilda not become pregnant before?

And how come one of Peggy’s objections to keeping the kittens is that they ‘would have to be toilet trained?’ For once, Kate had it right though for the wrong reason. Hilda will litter train her kittens because she is a cat, not because she is Hilda. They are kittens, not puppies for heaven’s sake! It is easy to litter train kittens even if they are parted from their mothers too soon.


She’s had the kittens. Her only kittens in three years, the poor love.


So it’s not just the human males that are neutered in Ambridge?