How come…

Oliver Sterling, owner of GayGorbals is begging TheLittleOirishChefette (…his employee) to give poor LittleLordDrugPusher a job! Good god, Ollie, who the hell is the boss at GG these days???


Normally I’d say it pays to keep your chef happy, but Ian is not going to be the chef shortly, is he, or at least that is the plan.

Oliver could have pointed out that he employs someone (Ian) who has been known to punch someone very publicly (Rob) so who is Ian to cast stones? He’s lucky he wasn’t done for assault.


…particularly where there are lots of sharp, pointy, knives and other cutty things laying around! Now if Caro had not up and died, I think she soon would have put TheLittleOirishUpstart right in his place (…back in the broom-cupboard) where he belongs!