How does Anisha know about Pip's folly?

Whist I enjoyed hearing Anisha rubbish Pip’s reputation as a ‘good farmer’, especially her casting nasturtiums at her bio-security practice, I can’t figure out how Anisha appears to know Pip … or Josh … was responsible if not for the original outbreak at least for its spread. Second question, does it indicate Anisha is interested in Rex, that she takes the trouble to speak badly of Pip?

Here’s the dialogue:
Anisha (laughing): She’s barely out of uni.
Rex: No she isn’t.
Anisha: And wasn’t it her … or her brother … that was responsible for the IBR breakout?
Rex: Pip’s a good farmer!
Anisha (laughs): Not when it comes to basic bio-security it seems! It was a bit of a major cock-up, wasn’t it?
Rex: (indignantly) Anyone can make a mistake, can’t they?
Anisha: OK, OK, sorry if I upset you …
Rex: No … you didn’t …
Anisha: Hey, you know what, it’s been a long week. I think I’m gonna call it a night.
Rex: What about the take-away. And the film?
Anisha: Sorry. Changed my mind. See you around, Rex!


It must indicate that Anisha is interested in Rex because when two single people - and that ‘single ’ isn’t a hard and fast rule - of complementary sexual orientation spend time in one another’s company in Ambridge, then there will be some form of sexual spark, no matter how unlikely the pairing.
If there is a pair of siblings both with interest in the same object, then expect double shenanigans in some permutation or other.
These appear to be rules from The Big Scripties’ Bumper Book of Plotting. Unfortunately the book does not also say ‘keep in touch with what other scripties have written otherwise you will make a prize pillock of yourself’. And that accounts for your big question re how Anisha ‘knows’.


Have a mental picture of you now lurking by the radio with shorthand pad, pencil poised, as Barwick Green fades away. A and B the C of D, as someone on here so pithily remarked t’other day.


'Tis more or less true! That last bit, I mean. It’s lucky I am a touch typist. Pity I can’t do shorthand, though.


I think that what David told Brian, and the HFNI, about “new information” having come to light would instantly have made them think “Pip or Josh has told him something”, and since if it had been Josh, David would have unhesitatingly dropped him in it, the informant had to be Pip.

And there is nothing to stop any of them from talking about that, in the shop, in the pub, and anywhere else that takes their fancy. Probably with added “the silly fool thought we wouldn’t work it out.”


I do hope you’re right and it’s spread all round the village.

Ooh, another happy thought: Josh gets to hear about it and sets people straight. Of course, his own conscience is not entirely clear. No, it probably is but shouldn’t be, not in my opinion. I haven’t found many if any to agree with my view but it is that since he broke the fence and since he would know fences are very important, then he ought to have seen to it that it was fixed, not just trusted Pip would do as she promised. It ought to have been on his ‘to do’ list: remind Pip about fence. Or gone and looked.



It’s another poorly researched load of cobblers, from the alleged writers providing scripts for TA.

The RCVS (of which this peculiar vet must be a member, to practice as a vet in the UK).
Have a code of professional conduct for its members.

Section 2. Paragraph 6 - of which says…
Veterinary surgeons must not disclose information about a client or the client’s animals to a third party, unless the client gives permission or animal welfare or the public interest may be compromised.

This peculiar vet woman, has breached that. David should take legal action against her immediately he finds out about it and sue for a couple of hundred K

That will cure his money problems…


er, is Anisha actually the Brookfield vet? Has she disclosed any information about the animals? I think the answer to both of those is negative.


Yes. She’s in partnership with Alistair. Alistair is the Brookfield vet.

It doesn’t matter if she’s mentioned the animals or not.

Veterinary surgeons must not disclose information about a client or the client’s animals to a third party
is what the Code of Conduct says.

Sue the twit. God knows why such a pointless character was brought into the series.


Still fail to see that she has disclosed information, as she has none. OK, it’s probably still unprofessional to voice an opinion - but she knows absolutely nothing about Fencegate.


She is stating things there - disclosing information about a client -

Set up the village stocks on the green and pelt her with rotten fruit for a few weeks.
I’ll pay for £20 quid’s worth of the most rotten, most smelly fruit, to get them off to a good start.

If David doesn’t sue here. Shula can - as a person still having a financial interest in Brookfield and who can suffer a financial loss if the careless and unthinking words of her husband’s partner, do harm to the reputation of Brookfield.


What reputation would that be? It was already known throughout Ambridge that their biosecurity is crap - having bought IBR carriers is sufficient evidence of that, and is not a secret.

The fact that Pip is a useless waste of skin, organs and perfectly good oxygen seems to be less widely accepted. If you seriously imagine either the Brookfield dolts or Shula would have grounds for action regarding that conversation, I’d love some of whatever it is you are having :wink:


I had a rare moment of liking Eddie when Pip was bleating on about the damage to Brookfield’s reputation and he agreed with her gloomily, yes, it really was taking a beating! He was the same ray of sunshine the Sunday they were doing the vaccinations and Ruth was the one whinging that time about the expense and he was saying equally comforting things!

The last thing Ruth did as Eddie departed was to complain to David about having to pay Eddie two lousy hours worth of work. Two hours! What a penny-wise and pound-foolish, stupid woman she is!


It’s the cleaning of the skirting-boards all over again, isn’t it.

She is simply mean – as opposed to careful, which is what a good Scot ought to be and Yorkshiremen are. (I have Scots-Yorkshire ancestry.)


Fanta employs Snatch Foster Security Associates to eject horde of protesting canny lasses chanting “ooooooh noooooo” from Piscatorial Towers