Humanism or Druiding?

Both the fool Franks and Shula should consider taking up the one or the other.
Despite TBTB’s determination to shove large and indigestible chunks of CoEishness down the listening throat (no, since you ask, I don’t have O-level Blodge) at irregular intervals, they don’t have a feckin’ clue.
The revelatory guidance an ordained priest received from a not-yet-ordained botherer of flocks was ‘trust in yourself’. No consultation with God necessary, let alone, what an off-the-wall notion, trusting in Him.

Very poor writing.


I think that may actually be heretical. Certainly not Approved.

Best counsellors I’ve met have been atheists. They get to skip over all the “maybe God has a plan” stuff and go straight to “yeah, that is rubbish isn’t it”.


Vicars, however, and even trainee vicars, are supposed to believe in God.


Even maltheism, the belief that there is a god and it is evil, is frowned on. Though it does seem like the obvious conclusion to draw in Ambridge.