Snork, Gus!


This. With knobs on. Hurrah!


You are a very bad Gus. I would be the same if only it was Helen, Ruth, Pip, Tom suffering like this. I am not a good Janie. But I have a slight soft spot for Ed’nEm. Don’t judge me!


Can’t help judging you a bit, soz. But be of good cheer: I suspect Tom’s sufferings with Gnatbasher will be protracted and excruciating.


Quicksand? Slurry pit?


Non-newtonian fluid, such as cornstarch solution? (Stays firm as long as you keep moving…)


Sometimes I worries about you more than others, dere Sparrer…


A little like the fine ash on the settlement tanks of the local sewage works we found so fascinating in my ypung youth.

(& you worry about yon sparrer !)


`oh, I worry about you as well. Frequently.


Yay !!