I am now officially baffled

What is the situation with Alice? Has she moved out? If she has, then surely it would be common knowledge - at least within the family - and she was going to leave Martyr with Chris.If not, how was last Thursday’s cliffhanger resolved?

And what’s with the Jacob personality trans implant?

And “Chris has known Rex a long time”? This would be the Rex who only turned up in 2015?

Have either of this week’s writers ever actually listened to TA, even in the last week or so?


The Alice situation is unresolved, and that’s bloody ridiculous.

Being fair, Jakob is an even more recent import than Rex, so he can’t be expected to know that Rex made his first appearance that recently.

And Kate has forgotten the date of her own marriage, and says she married Lucas ten years ago this month, which is more like when she was preparing to be divorced from him. They were actually married on 12th April, 2001.

It has been clear for a while now that neither Sarah Mcdonald-Hughes nor Daniel Thurman knows anything about the previous years in TA, and apparently their very evident ignorance bothers neither them nor the editor.


Perhaps she is trying to shade her age a bit. I mean, the existence of Feebles should be indicative, but…




Things in her favour:

  • isn’t Kate
  • isn’t Helen
  • isn’t Kirsty
  • isn’t Pip

I mean, the list goes on…


Are you trying for a limbo dancing record?


Just been thinking about this. We don’t actually know how long Jakob has been around; when he first appeared, it was clear Chris already knew him. Which rather begs the question of why Shula felt the need to press Alistair into partnership with an equine specialist, since Lovell James evidently already had one.


Chris had met Jakob before because Jakob is a horse vet and Chris is a farrier for much of the surrounding area. Jakob had been in the county before, but not in Ambridge.

There was no reason for Jakob ever to have heard of Rex, who has nothing to do with horses.

Shula is the Pawn of Plot.


True but it was Alice who mentioned that Chris had known Rex a long time; for all we know* he could have known Jakob just as long - or longer.

*Which is probably rather more than either of this week’s SWs


Alice was desperately making excuses because she thought Jakob would attack her in the same way that Kate presumably has.