I didn't see that coming - deaths and convictions

Pure fantasy. Or rather, impure fantasy and giving rein to impulses which society generally prefers we suppress.
But - comeuppances or endings for characters not necessarily based on current plotlines but rather on their overall character and/or deserts.

I shall kick off with a double: Pat receiving a suspended sentence for the killing of Jack. ‘Shaken baby syndrome’, so sad; but mitigating circumstances acknowledged when the defence proffered Exhibit H


It’s time Helen got back to her serial-killing ways.

Greg - easy enough to get his prints on the gun.
Annette - only Helen claimed to have seen her leave or to have any contact with her afterwards. Dig up the poo lagoons!
Rob - nice try, wimped out at the last moment as she realised she had a kindred spirit.

I think she could go for Pip’n’Tobes…