I Guessed!


Last night, I thought I bet Fiona’s come home to come out and admit her holiday ‘friend’ is her new partner, and female.

Then I decided I was being just too silly, cos who would care anyway, so I didn’t say anything.

The one time I make a good guess and I kept my mouth shut.


Maddening, isn’t it.


Fiona is now the ‘Proffer’s Dyke’.

Well,in my head she is, anyway


Does this mean someone’s finally collected on the Ambridge’s First Lesbian Sweepstake?


There was Anna Toboggan before Fiona, though. Remember how they ridiculously coy they were about her friend ‘Sam’?




So it was. And the verbal gymnastics they had to jump through to avoid the word ‘he’ or ‘she’ was hugely conspicuous. They were overjoyed when people asked on Twitter whether Max was a man or a woman so that Keri Davies could respond smugly, ‘Does it matter?’ Well no, not unless you make a gigantic deal of it as they had done.


Gus dear

Warn me of such levities please

I have just laughed so long and hard at Proffer’s dyke that four cats leapt off the bed


The exercise will have been good for them, Twellsy ;- )


But possibly not for their human, depending on how and where they regain terra firma.


Or indeed corpus firmus?