I hates them! I hates them all!

Well someone had to be the first to say it. And a fair chance that no one is going to tell me off for saying so. Bliss!


Interestingly enough, Joe, I have actually started to look at the Spoilers to see if it is going to ruin my life by NOT listening…



Would spoilers actually ‘spoil’ the current Ta set-up? Now there’s a question. Hmm.
Glad to be on board and a big thanks to all those who have made this possible.


Not a telling-off exactly, but isn’t that a bit Preciousssss?

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joe, how can you be so insensitive? Characters are people too and their pwecious feelings might be hurt. Ahem.

Actually one of my problems for the last few years has been that they aren’t people: they are puppets who are being too obviously jerked around in response to the demands of The Plot. In this long-running format the producers have the chance to do something really unusual, to have stories that carry on over years, but it’s all ipssed away in favour of generic plots that could just as well have generic characters plugged into them.


The thing about spoilers, Dracs, is that some people do hate them; having them in a place where nobody has to see them means that nobody who hates them can be afflicted with them by accident. They just have to not-go-there.

It looks much bigger than it actually is because there are so few sub-sets in the board as yet.

Can I say just how much I utterly loathe Ruth? If it was possible to loathe her even more after her conversation with Tom, I would.

Firstly, she tells him he will never get over Kirsty’s miscarriage. Let me quote her exact words: “No. You won’t. You’ll feel better, but you won’t ever forget or get over it completely. I can tell you that from experience.” All with that dreadful delivery the actor treats us to. How does a person dare to tell another person that he will have the same reaction she did?

Secondly, I disliked her for turning the conversation to how the news of Kirsty’s miscarriage affected her, Ruth. “As soon as I heard what happened to Kirsty it all came back.” What an utterly crass thing to say. Imagine if she said it to Kirsty, Kirsty would once more have to apologise to an Archer for miscarrying.

I knew when I saw the spoiler ‘Ruth lends an ear’ that we were in for the ‘caring’ voice but it was far worse than I had imagined. As Ruth’s wise words sent Tom off to Brazil, I can only imagine the writer intended this to show Ruth up in a good light.

It’s not just the poor acting, is it? I mean those were pretty ghastly words. I can tell you how it will be for you because of my experience. Actually, that sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it?

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May I see whether as Admin I can work out how to move this and give it a thread of its own, JJ? It ought to be possible, and I think it deserves one. If I can’t,is there a chance that you would do it: copy and paste into a new thread, I mean?

I can see this board becoming a one-thread-per-topic place, and I think it needs lots of threads about different things.

And I can’t work it out, so if you felt able to start a new thread and vent a bit about Ruth, that would be triffic.

Hard to avoid when traffic is low, though we are doing our little bests in that regard. Yes, Janie’s post definitely merits a thread of its own.

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OK, will do. I thought it fit in well with ‘I hates them all’ but it’s quite true that there’s plenty of hatred to go around so yes, by all means, let’s have separate threads. :slight_smile:

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Bless you dearie for a laydie… I am slightly preoccupied with the list of characters this afternoon, but I’ll have a good old think about threads to start – so long as people won’t think it off if I start too many.

Not at all! By the way, if you fire off too many threads too quickly, there is the equivalent of the ‘flea’ on the old BBC board. I don’t think it’s for very long because it said I could try again in 0 seconds. So I did and it worked. That happened when I posted the two cast lists in quick succession.

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I do read spoilers occasionally, but oddly then find I forget them almost immediately. Maybe that is because they seek to engage by telling us in fact next to nothing important!

Hey, ho…the life of soaps, eh?

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But who do you hate most, joe? Or does it vary from day to day?

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As a character who matters? Peggy comes close, but JOE GRUNDY tops it for me.

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Joe is fairly average awful, but with luck he will drop off the perch soon.

Helen is close to the top of my list of loathings: if she has redeeming features, they whistle past my head like flying pigs. Kate too is bad; her habit of walking out and leaving others to look after her children for years on end is distressing, and a sort of magnification of Helen’s day-to-day childuncare. Toby is the pits.

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What gets me about the whole ToeBee thing is that the ‘beating heart’ of Brokefailed can’t see what a scavenging, scheming tosser and parasite he is. I know farmers, and frankly cannot believe that ANY farmer’s daughter, nay heir to the golden acres, could not accept that she has been conned.

The whole Brokefailed thing is on the edge of being used / ransacked / exploited by this creep as a new ‘bank’ and Pip thinks of him only as ‘the man her parents love to hate’ , instead of the serious danger he is to family life and property.


The really stupid thing is that she knows perfectly well what a useless tosser he is, and always has done; the only reason she is giving him board and lodging was to get her own back at Jill – like a four-year-old sticking her tongue out at someone.

I do not credit this “he’s good in bed so she can’t resist him” meme of the previous editor’s: women on the whole are as capable as men are of telling the difference between love and lust.


[quote=“Fanta, post:20, topic:27, full:true”]I do not credit this “he’s good in bed so she can’t resist him” meme of the previous editor’s: women on the whole are as capable as men are of telling the difference between love and lust.

That’s less common that one might hope, but everyone in Ambridge seems to have a glittery sparkling… well.

(I can’t now find the original post but I think it was Jennifer Crusie the romance novelist who coined the term “glittery hoohah” to describe that short-cut where, once hero and heroine have slept together once, the hero is utterly committed to her forever after.)