I know that the Clan feel entitled to succeed in everything…


…but surely being dead would disqualify even them from the single wicket?


Slightly puzzled: who?


The 1994 and 1995 winner was competing today, according to Kenton.


Are we sure it was a tractor got him and not, say, the heavy roller?


Most of the rolling today involved eyes. You’d think even the most incompetent SW would manage to get the characters’ names right, if nothing else.


So … will he stay Johnny Archer now that it’s been broadcast? I wouldn’t mind an inheritance punch-up with Tom’s and Helen’s noses out of joint when P&T announce ‘Johnny Archer’ is now in the will, due to inherit his dead dad’s share, a third, same as those two.


Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti is frequently a little lackadaisical about details.

He was Johnny Phillips in last week’s cast-list for the BBC website and the RT.


I know they only have ~seven actors in any episode, but they really could work on their crowd/heckling/cheering scenes - perhaps prepare in advance and get a few people to noise into a microphone. It’s the only time I get the real feeling I’m listening to a play rather than a drama.


The BBC sound effects library is, I presume, still available to them.


It’s a shame no one thought of making a library of such effects, isn’t it…



Sorry Hedgers - was doing a bit of digging when you posted!


That’s a matter of definition


They have to pay for use of the BBC sound effects library, I think.


I suppose that getting however many actors are there anyway for the recording session to make crowd noises might be cheaper than that…


Not for an in-house production, surely? If it were an independent production (as most other radio drama is these days) then yes, but the FX library is - or used to be - pre-loaded on the studio ProTools setup. It would be decidedly bizarre if the library were available free for amateur productions but not for the Beeb.

Not that bizarreness is any guarantee of it not being the case of course.


In-house production has to pay for access to the pronunciation library (this is why they now get it wrong so often), so I don’t think it unlikely. Each programme’s budget now includes paying for in-house expenses, last I heard.