"I made this playlist specially for you."


I can’t vouch for the videos, but here are a few songs…



How did we miss this one? Doubly appropriate, I think:


I think I prefer the original


Always liked the McTell version, though it’s not the “original” - the song dates back at least to the beginning of the C20. Remembered the Hot Tuna version when I was listening to a live album by Jorma Kaukonen and G. E. Smith. The combination of title and band was too good to resist!


No, I know. Make that “I prefer an older version.” I can see why Hot Tuna was your choice, though.


Incidentally, do we now take it that the Lee SL has been junked? If so, it must be a contender for “Most Pointless Introduction Of A New Character”

A fairly crowded field, though.


That assumption might be premature. I feel there is a major meltdown brewing involving the BFN offspring, and Lee might have a minor contribution to make. Here’s hoping whatever happens will be bloody, with lasting damage


I hope you’re right, Gus, but they seem to be dumping all of the misery onto Tom which, while a good thing in itself, may have the undesirable consequence of protecting Helen from equal misery in the storywriters’ mistaken belief that there is only so much to go around.


Two or three well wielded baseball bats should be enough to impress on them the fallacious nature of that belief, I reckon. Elbows, knees, ankles, ribs and face.
< dusts hands, happy with a needful job tidily done >