I still think…


…Freddy Pargetter to be a prime shyte of the first order!


I disagree. I hated the drugs storyline, but I think he did his time and it’s great that he is enjoying his job, and being supportive of his mum and aunt. I hope his party doesn’t go awry, I’d like to see him respecting his second chance and the horses.


And after all the hoo-hah she has been making about it I am not surprised he wanted a read of Shula’s ill-written memoir – which incidentally, if it is about Kenton in the Merchant Navy, is not going to be at all what she was asked for.


Agreed, why so much focus on her brother- unless she’s saying he is the inspiration for her to join the church, although it doesn’t seem to be the case.


‘God save me from Kenton and his like’ seems an entirely probable utterance to me


“And these days he can’t come inside the lychgate without bursting into flame.”