I wouldn't normally be in favour of more Brookfield, but…

…please do tell Jill. She deserves it.


One squarely on the hooter, as it were.

Please don’t overthink that, deres


To be serious for a moment (difficult when discussing anything involving TA at present, I know) this is yet more manufactured angst. The real Jill would never be as petty or vindictive as she was to Alistair tonight. SOC brought her back to Brookfield so she could be centre-stage again:

…one of the things I loved as a listener was the sound of the voice of Paddy Greene. It smacks of the Aga, England, continuity and durability and cakes and tea. When I came back, she was a widow in a cottage on her own with no one to speak to. The way to hear her voice more was to move her back to Brookfield.

If he loved it so much, why didn’t he leave her character as it was, instead of turning her into a(nother) harridan? Regrettably she seems stuck with the transplanted personality


Because his ideas of female roles are, hmm, limited?

(He’s hardly alone in this.)


I think you could drop three words there.


Yes. Rub her nose in it.



Seriously: why does it seem good to people that a character exists only in order to be unpleasant to another character? There were people who liked Rob because he was nasty to Helen…

What I mean is, Jill was nasty to Alistair for no reason, but does that make it right for us to wish nastiness to her? That’s been done. And as Joe says, it is not Real Jill, it’s the imitation Jill manufactured by Sean O’Connor…


I certainly feel that ‘being nasty to Helen’ is on the whole a worthy calling and there should be more of it.

Jill might well have been O’Connored beyond recognition, but the current version of the character, which is all we have to work with, is both unpleasant and deranged. I am quite happy wishing nastiness on her. No actual grandmothers being harmed and all that.

Pulling the wings off TA characters may not be laudable, exactly, but is relatively harmless, imo.