I'm slightly confused…


At times, yes. But Mary Cutler is one of the more experienced writers and should know better. Perhaps she has a tin ear for yoof. The ‘beck and call’ remark sounded more like something a Young Squire would have said in a romance set in another time (not the future!) Though, come to think of it, not just yoof: Clarrie’s ‘crush’ conversation with Mia sounded a bit archaic, too, verging on, ‘don’t you go taking young Master Ruairi’s attentions seriously, he won’t go marrying the loikes of us Grundays’. Yes, I know she didn’t write those words, but it sounded along those lines. Maybe Mary Cutler has been having a Mills and Boon fest!

But if I haven’t got the wrong writer again, she wrote the scene with Susan and the brownies which I thought was good.


Apart from either having forgotten about Jennifer being perfectly able to clear a sink in the eighties or still being in a mood to make the actor pay for having said a piece of dialogue “didn’t flow”…


Or should; the SWs seem oblivious to what should be outdoing the “murder” in The Nine Tailors


The bells, the bells!


But it does sound very like Tracey, summed up in just five words