Interesting Ales


I find that I somewhat resent it calling itself a craft brewery when it’s nothing of the kind…


Agree. It must really piss off the genuine brewers.


I think “craft beer” is just a designator of style these days: likely to be strong and hoppy.


I had the Nomad today: quite burned-brown and smokey, not to everyone’s taste, and I’d have preferred something a bit lighter in this heat given that they called it an amber ale, but it still works well.


Feeling a bit ashamed. Not usually a fan of what’s flogged as “red ale” so had steered clear of this. Tried it tonight and it was a revelation! A strong contender for my bottle of choice. If you can track it down, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


For some reason the pic seems to have disappeared, making the above more than usually incomprehensible. This is what I’m talking about - brewed about a mile away from me!


I quite like red ale, so I’ll keep an eye out.


I got it in for a Smithwick’s drinker, assuming it would be something similar - a bit sweet for me. Couldn’t have been more wrong. VERY hoppy - more like a bottled Guinness than a bitter. Definitely one to stock up on.


Late night medicinal after particularly fraught day (in a particularly fraught couple of weeks).

Not tried this one before - seems to be on the Belgian model. Tomorrow may be cancelled…


And continuing the exploration of their range, this is definitely one to try if you can find it:


Styrian Wolf - contains small quantities of arsenic for a glossy coat, wet nose and clear complexion?


My word that is a good pint!


Very fond memories (and occasional memory blank) where Adnam’s is concerned…

Thinking of Suffolk beers, I hear Tolly is sadly no more and Greene King seems to have come over all corporate. Does anyone know if Mauldon’s is still going? Set up in Sudbury in the early 80s and produced excellent beers. Not having lived there for over thirty years, I’ve rather lost touch.

#53 ?


Now why didn’t I think of that? Bit slow today…

Am going to have to head across one of these days and bring a couple of polypins back. Of course, we now have an excellent brewery on our doorstep; must find out if I can buy direct.