Just because you've been spoiled by all that expensive machinery

with its “hand guards” and “emergency stops”…


…reminds me of a favourite joke of my old Dad (a carpenter/joiner by trade)

It goes like this:

An old craftsman was showing a new apprentice the workings of the machine-shop with all the nifty equipment like the saws and planers, and drilling machines. The old chap stopped next to a planer and set it going, just at that moment the youngster noticed the old guy had a hand missing, but had a prosthetic hand in its place.

“What happened to your hand, then?” asked the youngster.
“Well, I’d just started working here, and I was about the same age as you are now. My boss was showing me all machines and stuff in the shop, and he started up this one, and I was leaning against it, just like this… …BUGGER! …there goes the other one!” (…rim shot!)


My Respected Mama did her war-work in a factory in Coventry (where among other things when the first bombs dropped people didn’t realise what they were, and went outside to see what was going on) and was their Medical Officer.

Apparently it was very boring work on the line, and too noisy for talk, so some of the girls entertained themselves by removing and replacing the safety-covers of the machines while doing to job. There were two or three seconds between components arriving, so they had time.

The first Ma knew about it was a girl who arrived at the medical station very white and saying “oh Mrs Ghoti, I’ve done something a bit stupid” and holding out her hand – with the fingers of her other hand laid out across it, very neatly.


< Gus turns fetching shade of eau de nil >


Yep, that’s definitely “spoiled by machinery”