Just me, or


…were the sound levels tonight all over the shop? Was doing kitcheny things so possibly not a fair assessment.

One decent line, from Brian: “She pounced while the balance of your mind was disturbed” .
And one revealette: that Gnatasha told Tom they were to be wed.

Oh well, I am confident tomorrow will make up for it. But what is this strange burning sensation assailing my nethers?

be v careful - I have a small bet with myself. One of you is 1/3 on.


Seems entirely in keeping with the sort of self-directed, go-ahead businessman he’s shown himself to be.

(dons green eyeshade)
(inserts matchstick into beak)
(cracks wings)




That bird is being 'ave.


< cold beady glaring >

Don’t you get etymological wiv me, young Fish. Or it will be slapped caudal fin and early to pondweed fer you.

But what about the sound levels/balance? Was it just me?


I am just waiting for the business woman to clash with the brave independent ace turkey baster queen of the mankwold


There were definitely longer pauses than usual between scenes, and I struggled to hear a couple of lines, particularly between Alice and the mothers. The whole “so, when are you going to get pregnant??” storyline makes me very uncomfortable.


Was Jennifer drunk, d’you suppose? Otherwise I cannot think what would have possessed her to say that in front of Susan.


I reckon it was the snow…

Meow-meow sauce anyone?