Justin says

that for a business to flourish you need absolute trust.

Justin would not recognise trust if it were presented to him on a plate with parsley round it, and is one of the less-trustworthy characters even in The Archers.

Why would Phoebe or Rex or Pip want to give him the time of day? He has lied to and cheated them already.


In Phoebe’s case at least, I think she hopes her wiles will ensnare and subdue Rich Almost-Uncle Justin, and she will heroically Save Grandad at the cost of… well, who knows what she puts a price on


What a little hypocrite she is. I can’t remember how many times or in what order she has tried to get family members to intervene on her behalf. I do recall she was disappointed granddad Brian wouldn’t be there for her pitch to Borchester Land so he could put in a good word for her… She also tried to persuade great-granny to tell her who had won the competition. And didn’t she try and pick Adam’s brains without telling him she was a competitor?

Now she’s all upset that Brian’s well-meaning intervention has backfired both on her and him and, oh dear, poor lamb feels bad and does an ‘it’s all my fault’ at Justin. Say what you like about Justin, at least he didn’t tell her not to beat herself up.

But yes, Justin and ‘trust’: ha bloody ha.


Phone box outside Ye Village Shoppe? Bedroom wall?


Martha’s??? Is that still around? (…or did it fall down back of t’fridge along with several thousand Post-It notes?)


Given all the fuss there was about keeping and converting it, it would hardly have been removed without a huge outcry, would it?

Now I think of it, didn’t it feature in Doreen’s photo-shoot (with Hilarious Consequences™)?