Justin's job description

was “hedge fund manager” when he was first mentioned.

He then turned out to be a property developer – Route B and the service station being examples.

At the same time as deciding completely to alter Ambridge and run a large road through it, he tried to buy a house which would be literally yards from the construction of that road and would subsequently have a large road as a close neighbour.

When that scheme had failed, he bought a different house in the same village and proceeded to create a very large pig-farm less than five hundred yards from his back door, and build a lot of new housing at a similar distance in another direction.

Has nobody on the production team ever known anyone rich in order to discover that when they buy a quiet country house in an idyllic small village, the very last thing they want is to turn the place into a smelly slum?


The daftness is staggering.


Though not, at this stage, surprising.


The house is to become the Borsetshire School for Unfortunate Youth Who Never Break Out Honest, and he plans to live somewhere else entirely?


He has done it twice now. And in each case he has been prepared to spend a lot of money to get it just how he wants it.