Kenton singing Tobes' praises

BBC synopsis:

Kenton says a few words in defence of Toby. Yes, he can be flaky and unreliable, but he’s not the waste of space David sees him as. David abruptly ends the conversation. He doesn’t need a character reference from Kenton, who isn’t much reliable himself.

Kenton does already know what his brother thinks of him. The best thing he could have done in support of Tobes is to shut up. Is he really that stupid? Or in love with the sound of his own voice?


He is really that stupid. He has been nasty to David ever since he decided to come back to Ambridge and make his claim on the farm for which he did no work: snide, demanding, aggressive, and destructive by turns. Why he would expect David not to react badly to being preached at by him, I cannot imagine.