When did the tuna bake hater attempt to kidnap Jack?

I missed that little entertainment

I class anything that causes grief to Helen as entertainment


On Thursday 2nd February, 2017, Rob attempted to abduct (put into a car and remove from his home) eight-month-old Jack. He drove away with the baby, and was only prevented from vanishing altogether by a fortuitous fallen tree which blocked his getaway route; before he had managed to turn his car in the narrow lane, Helen, pursuing him, had blocked his car in. Pat and Kirsty then arrived, and I think also Tom and Josh, and, after handing Jack over to Pat, Rob got into his car and drove off.

He flew out of the UK on a flight to Minneapolis later that night, before the police caught up with him.


Thank you Fishy

Helen has so many bluddy dramas that I lose bits of her penny dreadful style life