LoLo is not, as far as I am aware,…


…a charitable institution.

So why are they constantly relying on volunteers to staff events?

Oh - and how long before suddenly vocal Geraldine turns out to be vile?


I’ve wondered that, too, Joe. And didn’t they have happy villagers squish the grapes for them once and help with the ha-ha?

I like Geraldine’s voice and thought she dealt with Lizzie very well, managing to make it clear she was adding yet one more thing to her massive list of things to do when Lizard refused even to make a phone call because she had other things to ‘think about’. Oddly, though, there was no sound of the stress Bert claimed she was under.

It would be rather fun if Geraldine lost her temper with her unreasonable boss and quit.


I’m rather surprised other businesses haven’t been complaining that LoLo is undercutting them by using unpaid labour. And talking of exploited workers, did Lizard make any contribution to Johnny’s travel costs, do you reckon?

Is there not a branch of the TGWU locally?


Johnny doesn’t work for Elizabeth, and he visited his parents while he was visiting his friend in prison. Why should she pay him to do so?


They are everywhere. Normally treating their own staff poorly and falling out with Unite.

I love it when they are both representing members, I invariably only need to wait until they start taking aim at each other & raking up arguments from previous coming togethers.


Out of common courtesy, since she’s effectively using him as a go-between? If someone was traipsing halfway across the country on my behalf (even if only partly), I’d certainly offer to contribute to the costs. Not to do so just seems mean-spirited, like the expectation that people will volunteer to staff for-profit events. But then, she is an Archer.


She generously offered to pay for some music magazines, joe!

To be fair, when Johnny refused her offer to pay for the magazines, saying Freddie was his mate, he’d buy them, I expect if it occurred to Elizabeth to pay his travel expenses - which it probably didn’t - she would have dropped the idea then, thinking he might be offended.


Oh Janie, must we?


I know, I know, it hurts, doesn’t it?


But it does give us the opportunity to feel superior


Nah, not worth it. I get infinitely more fun out of being unfair to Elizabeth and even more so Pip and Helen.

And, on reflection, there is nothing Lizzie could have done to compensate Johnny for the grilling he got. Poor old Johnny-the-serf, he’s surrounded himself with fragile older women, hasn’t he, what with his falling for Helen’s delicate act in the karate class.


The trick is to be fair in such a way as to cause maximum inconvenience / embarrassment to the beneficiary.

Mind you, that’s difficult when said beneficiary doesn’t “do” shame.


Sounds good, I’d like to develop that skill. Can you give an example?


Give me a minute—I’ll think of something…


People under forty still read music magazines?

My ex-music-journo mate will be very surprised.


To be fair - bloody hell I’m doing it again - he won’t have the same access to the internet in prison, will he. Apologies for ‘being fair’. I’m trying to give it up, really!


I already feel superior.