"London Bridge is Down"

I’m unsure why but this week has seen a lot of information in the press about steps which will be taken when the Queen dies. Advance information on what will be in the official obituary, how the media will communicate it. Publicity coordination. etc. etc.

Now, I get that there will be a range of views of the Queen & Monarchy in general but this just strikes me as tasteless and the meeja getting above itself … again.

Is this just me ?


I saw that, but only on yahoo, on the way to my email earlier in the week. Yahoo specialises in non-news. That there is a plan is a given, just as there are plans for lots of possible events. Lazy journalism and not, as you say, in the best of taste.

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“We have nothing to report, but if we don’t say anything you might notice that you don’t need us, so here we are talking about ourselves.”


I was once in Jersey at a convention over Easter when I encountered a respected member of the tech community dancing down a corridor leaping in the air and clicking her heels behind her, whilst carolling, “She’s dead, she’s dead, and I’m not on watch!”

HMtheQM had just died, and my friend was not at her sound-desk at the BBC…

Of course they have plans for everything. They were caught hopping when DiPoW was in her car crash, and they do not intend that ever to happen again.