Makeover for the Lent Appeal?

Yoko asking for a makeover? Sounds like a potential Thirteenth Labour of Hercules!
Oh, she’s talking about HootNanny - I think perhaps she could be fitted with a muffler! …and talking of makeovers, how about making over the SW team?


I wish I knew what this “makeover” malarky is supposed to be/do. I have no idea. But it seems to me that if whatever it is it can be done in an hour it is either not much cop, or not going to last.


Conversely, an hour could be regarded as a long time to apply and secure a large brown paper sack.

It’s about the right amount of time for a cosmetics makeover. Unfortunately it was her wardrobe that was bothering Hooting Jill. If I had a lilac cardi I’d be a bit bothered myself.


Got a solution for that. Done in a jiff!

Never seen the point of makeovers but I am a drab brahn sparrer and likely to stay that way. It feels like those photos actors have done, thoroughly styled and made up and lit and all the rest and looking completely unlike themselves – except that has a point, it’s to say “this is how good I can look if I’m in your film/play, rather than how good I look every day”.


The very best actors tend to be protean anyway, don’t they? And not to be recognised at all when they are walking a dog in Regent’s Park or catching a bus in Oxford Street. Not thinking of any particular Olivier at all…


In which case “here’s how good I can look” might be a very useful thing to be able to offer.

One of my touchstones is “oh, wow, is he in this” - Joel Grey and Tim Curry have both provoked that reaction in people I know.


In Joel Gray’s case it’s more, “Good God, was that him?”

Meanwhile, when you play with DDD using the dog handle, she barks at you through clenched teeth. A remarkable noise.