More out-of-character writing

…from Liz John: Ed makes a sensible decision.


Stopped clock?


Good point.

I wonder if Barry Farrimond wants out? He has quite a few irons in the fire, what with working in sound art and multimedia, as well as being technical director of the MUSE Project*. He might simply not have time to devote to TA. A departure would be easy enough to plot:

  • Ed finally does the sensible thing and breaks with Emma, whose “needs” he will never be able to satisfy
  • Emma moves back in with Will, thereby getting the material things she covets, while ending the Will/Poppy problem (She can have another dream wedding - Ed can be Best Man…)
  • Ed sells the flock and heads off to a a sheep station in Australia or New Zealand

A whole skein of loose ends tied up at once.