…not just a terrible secret!

…but a piece of the very worstest drivel I have ever had the misfortune to have heard on my wireless set! Shame on you Auntie! I’m sure Lord Reith, and Norman Painting, and Godfrey Baseley¹, and William Smethurst, etc. etc. are all spinning furiously in their graves.

If this is the best the current production team can do, then I think they need to sack the editor, Jeremy HoweTheHellDidHeGetTheJobAnyway?

¹ - “The Archers has completely lost its way. Luckily I’m nearly completely deaf and can’t listen to it any more.” Godfrey Baseley (1996) (…moi aussi)


I think Rowe did very well indeed with what he was written by Simon Frith.

Probability of a man of 90+ in a wheelchair being the life and soul of a party the GoH had abandoned? Nil.

Probability of a man of 90+ in a wheelchair getting to that party at all from the other end of the country? Nil.

But Rowe managed to make it sound convincing until one noticed those teeny flaws in the plot.