Now, was Phoebe

being sincere, or was she fishing for dosh? I’d like to think that it hadn’t occurred to her that Granny might sub up, but I really couldn’t be sure.


Fishing? More like bottom trawling.

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C’mon. She came witj the soft soap … she didn’t need phase 2, Tears or phase 3. Aggression

At least tjat saved us having to lusten to it.

If i was Roy I’d go ape.


Well of course working as a chambermaid, was far too demeaning for her… After all she is a future Oxbridge graduate and probably even when she leaves Uni, won’t accept any job that is less than management with some minor FTSE company. Another spoilt little brat, like Kate and Alice.

At least then, she can be shipped out of Ambridge, to go and work in London. Or better yet, somewhere in Iraq.

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Can Roy go ape if Phoebe’s blood-mother offers her money? If I were Jennifer that’s how I would go about it.

She was in the middle of a row with her father: I don’t suppose it was the job itself she didn’t want at that point, it was him as a boss.

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She was equally dismissive of the prospect of working for Elizabeth or Adam, though.

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Which is so utterly unlike Phoebe as she was this time last year that I think it’s another example of poor plotting by the editorial team. Mind you – would you want to work for either of them? I wouldn’t! Elizabeth broke up her parents’ marriage, and Adam is too gloomy by half for my taste.

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Yep. But “I need money” quickly met by, “I can get you a job”, was responded to by a Kevin-like “what, be a skivvy !!??”.

So, “OK, here are 2 other work options” … and then “in that case I’ll go & tell gran I’ve got issues”.

In normal cases like this you’d have the parents (and quasi parents) talking to each other, but that’s not going to happen on air … or off it. What shouldn’t happen is that she’s allowed to pick the family off on-by-one. Grannie should, at worst, have stalled matters while she spoke with Roy.

She’s opened the money-tap now and it will be returned to persistently until she one day hears “no” and she’ll then kick-off as if “yes” had never been said at all.

It’s an interesting story-line to be fair, but it’s required character changes … again. Of course, you go to Uni and meet new people, get new ideas. Perfectly reasonable that a person changes, but the implication of ‘Oxbridge spoils you’ is clear.


Didn’t happen to my brother or my daughter, but then they didn’t turn into media types – and because they did get into Oxford, they didn’t suffer from the sort of mindless enmity caused by jealousy which does seem to afflict people who know nothing about the place but feel obscurely inferior because they didn’t go there. How dare it be considered better than them? sort of thing.

They didn’t go to MIT either, because they didn’t have the brains for it, but for some reason they aren’t so bitchy about that.

One went to Liverpool, the Sorbonne & then Cambridge. He sounds like he went to Eton.
The other went to York and then Cardiff. He doesn’t.

They tire of having to pretend they didn’t go to good colleges, for fear of being accused of being academic snobs. They do snigger at people getting First’s in Basket Weaving from Wrexham Uni (Glyndwr) and thinking the qualification is high quality. Maybe they ARE academic snobs.

They worked in their Uni Summers, for money, to meet people and to cover part of the long vacation.