Now we know it's not George

because that would be too obvious, who do we think did nick

The bunting in 2015
The money in 2019

or do we think it might possibly have been two different people?


I very much want the money to be George.
Can’t see why anyone would want the blasted bunting. Or Cecil Jackson’s grots


You’re not a Cecil Jackson fan then Gus ?


The quick decision that it was George was jumping to conclusions. I’d love it to be him, tbh, but doubt it is.

“George, I need to talk to you about this money that’s gone missing”.

It wasn’t me !!!"

“So how did you afford the computer game ?”

“I’m supplying Freddie’s old customers”.

“Phew. That’s alright then. Where do you get your stuff”.

“Some bloke called Tim -the-Baseball Bat”


The instant leaping to conclusions, and the people it was, lead me to feel that they will be wrong.

Tracy saw George playing stupid adolescent games in the village, and immediately concluded that he must be a thief – of money belonging to his beloved grandmother, which was intended for a fund commemorating a woman he thought of as a mother. She told her sister, the village gossip, that it must be him who stole a] the bunting, which was taken four years ago when he was ten and would of course have stolen something like that without being caught, b] an elderly man’s underwear and c] money belonging to someone he cares about.

Seems very likely when you look at it, doesn’t it. Not.


The bunting and grots are unlikely but I don’t share you scepticism about the cash.
It will turn out that Mia "borrrowed"it of course.

However my motivation for wishing it to be George is pure enough: maximum misery for Emmur as Ed is either nicked or has seven shades of rainbow beaten out of him. A light-fingered son and a rift with the inlaws would turn the screw nicely.

Such an old softie, me.

And Armers: of course I’m not. How long have you known me now?


From what I’ve heard of Ed’s latest business endeavour, the only remaining question ought to be when he’s going to turn up floating in the fishing lake, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans fingerprints and other identifying marks.


Time for Kirsty to take her traditional May Day bank holiday dip in it, innit.


Yep. And strewth, talk about laying it on with a trowel.
Oh, and if Poppay’s hair needs braiding, then it is long, and therefore it doesn’t really matter who cuts it, at her age, despite the taking of her to her preferred hairdresser having been a bit of the Mia-burden a few weeks back.
And “the shopping” - it was the case a while back that Will did online orders a while back, and the Dead Mother’s Little Helper was doing top-ups for forgotten items only.
I know the plight of ‘child carers’ is a sad one and a national disgrace, etc, but this feels to me like an editorial decision to put the boot in to Will rather thsn an organic plot development.
And Mia needs the Martyr Syndrome slapped out of her PDQ. Mostly self-inflicted.


Both of these are UCEs. Sarah McDonald Hughes needs a crash course in “listening to the other writers’ episodes”, I feel.

Either that or they need to bring back the continuity person aka archivist.


Wow, if I were George I would be furious. How dare they judge him on so little evidence. What a stupid woman Clarrie is. I thought it was going to turn out that Ed had bought him the game.

Still, a nice performance from the Mia actor, Molly Pipe. And I’m not going to be too hard on Mia. She did get a lot of praise for the Little Mother act and no encouragement not to, if you see what I mean. I bet Clarrie had a lot to do with that.


So, boys do bad things because they’re bad … girls do bad things because they’re good.

Even when the boy hasn’t done it.

I’ll have to remember that one.


They immediately assumed the worst of George, didn’t they? Where does George spend most of his time, nowadays, have we been told?


Grange Farm – which is why they assumed it was him rather than Mia, who lives in a different house.

What was she doing at Grange Farm before school, instead of being in the place where she sleeps, Greenwood Cottage?


And why are there all these empty petrol cans scattered about?


Yes, I wondered that.
There was someone else somewhere they shouldn’t have been this week (cudgels aged brane). Oh yes, Lily the Fink: she should have been off flogging kitchens, not dripping around LL and pouring cold water in her brother.
SW apologists will say that she works weekends, nae doot. I say away play wi’ yerselves