Now what could *possibly* go wrong?


Chez Moss-Miller, with Alastair’s sudden urge for cleanliness?


Very contrived; his place of work is at The Stables, and surely Shula would not be so unChristian as to refuse him the use of her bathroom while she was out.


I was coming back to make precisely that point, Fishy, but you saved me the trouble.

And here was I thinking any enemy of Kirsty’s would be a friend of mine… but I can’t quite stretch that to incorporate ‘Gavin’.
(I bet his mum was really proud when he got into drama school - but it seems not to have taken. The worst overacting I have heard in quite a while.)


I have never known a Gavin who was anything other than a Bad Lot. I imagine they’re out there – one of them may even be one of you – but it’s a name with which I make negative associations.


I knew one who was about the prettiest thing out that year. But on reflection, yes: once you got past the dazzling beauty, he was a little toad.

(I know : unfair to toads, who are very nice and useful people…)


I do know a pleasant Kevin, but I seem to have drawn a blank on locating a Gavin who wasn’t odious.


I’ve known a few innocuous Gavins. Then, over the years I’ve been HR to probably over 15,000 people.

I’ve even known a capable enough Karl, with a K.


What was Philip thinking, sending his son to rootle around in his and his future wife’s bedroom, knowing they’d had a recent run-in. Most unlikely!

Still, it’ll be interesting to see if Kirsty reports this latest incident to her betrothed. Tattling to Phil will start to become a habit. Not that I suppose he’ll mind, he’ll just go into manly protective mode again. Which he seems to like. Hey, Phil, I thought you said you’d got this sorted last time!

I thought she was wrong to go behind Philip’s back in the first place to tackle Gavin about the wedding, if she’d kept out of it, she’d have been spared two very unpleasant scenes. Still, I suppose Mr Moss is going to have to hear about this one. He really needs to know that Gavin continues to insult her for being dumped at the altar as if that were a moral failing (mind you, since it only happened because she agreed to marry Tom …)


Philip is going to hear about it from Susan or Kenton. Is Gavin really not going to make a point of getting in first with gossip for the village?


Will Alistair spill the beans? Kirsty asked him not to tell anyone. But yes she needs to get in first even though it doesn’t make her look good, all this tattling. As I say, he doesn’t seem to mind and didn’t even resent her going behind his back about the wedding.

And why Kirsty let herself be dragged into an argument about Gavin’s mother, Philip’s ex, I have no idea except to conclude she is awfully stupid.


If you have an hour or so to spare…


It’s not him that’s going to spread the tale, though, is it? Gavin can quite easily let it be known that there was a bollock-naked bloke in his father’s bathroom and add a bit of spin…


You’re right, of course, he will, won’t he? Hilarious consequences!


Another shouty git joins the Archers cast. Quel surprise. I’m rather curious as to why Sphagnum should feel obliged to inform the ex-Mrs Sphagnum of his plans to remarry–or indeed what business it is of hers at all. Presumably Gavin’s of an age where Philip is not still paying maintenance for him? (Though I’d not put it past him to expect it…)

How did he get in, incidentally? Are we to assume he has a key?


Not the kind of thing one wants to find out third hand; seems reasonable to me that she be informed.


As a courtesy, perhaps, but not an obligation. I don’t have the impression that they’re on particularly good terms–if indeed they’ve kept in touch since separating. As far as I can tell, the spoiled git is simply playing one off against the other, guilt-tripping Philip into bankrolling the OTT wedding. His ex gave a grand? Fine - match it (or adjust according to resources) and let them finance the rest themselves. No doubt he’s gone running back with a sob story about being “cheated out of his inheritance”. Tough - he’s supposed to be an adult, isn’t he?


Oh - and while I think of it…

“Mam” had to struggle to find the grand she’s donating. Why didn’t Gav suggest holding on to it for their air fare?


Why is Gav not doing what seems to be the norm and saving up and paying for his own bluddy wedding?

By the time he and wassername have saved up they might have changed their minds and gone after the latest sleb fashion for weddings


Because everyone in this blasted programme is grabby, always wanting money from other people. I can go for whole months without asking anyone for money (granted, a lack of rich aunts to pester may help in this).


Remarkably poor planning on your part, that