Now what could *possibly* go wrong?


We know he does; he is the spare key holder in spite of living an hour’s drive away. We were told that when they locked themselves out and had to spend the evening with Joy until he got there.

I would like to know why an electrician, which is what we were told that he is, should be working on the playground that his father is mending free for a community an hour’s drive from Gavin’s house, mind.


Giving the equipment a bit more pep?


Makes perfect sense to me, plugging the bars on the roundabout and climbing frames into the National Grid. Won’t have any poor little kiddies plummeting to the unyielding asphalt in future.

Not that they seem to do unyielding asphalt any more. Playgrounds are surfaced with some sort of bubblewrap, then painted dark grey.


Ha! two minds with but, etc


Terror of the Autons, part two, about three minutes in?


Of course - I’d forgotten that incident. Must’ve been too busy trying to restitch my sides.


And indeed shame on him for taking any money off Mam at all, if she had to ‘struggle’. That’s the best of the many opportunities Kirsty lost after she’d been stupid enough to get dragged into the discussion in the first place. Who’s the gold digger in this scenario, she might have asked.

I found that squabble very frustrating to listen to. In a good Archers row, each party gives and takes. In this one, Gavin got in all the jibes and Kirsty didn’t once score a hit.


That is because she is pathetic, useless, purposeless, and a waste of skin and organs. She once hit the nail squarely on the head about Helen ‘inflicting’ her friendship, but will never rise to such giddy heights again.

I do very much want these nuptials to be derailed - then we could have the Bridal Thwarted Wail #2 - but ideally by Philip’s demise rather than directly as a result of Cardboard Gav’s machinations.


Well if Philip pops his clogs, I hope he leaves everything to Kirsty. He’ll have had to have made a will to the effect, though, and I bet he hasn’t, especially as he would be expecting to make once after the wedding, which would be normal.

Just because Kirsty is annoying, and she is, she is so wet the way she lets Helen manipulate her, doesn’t make me want the dreadful Gavin to prosper.


Yes, well, some of us know that particular legal point and make our wills explicitly in anticipation of our weddings. But I bet they don’t.


Most of Ambridge would stumble at the ‘being of sound mind’ hurdle…


What point is that, HedgeSparrow? Do you mean that you got your wills all ready to sign immediately upon marrying? It’s true that marriage invalidates previous wills, isn’t it?

If Kirsty and Phil do not get married and there is no will, or there is a will made before he met Kirsty, she’d get nothing, wouldn’t she? I don’t want that to happen (wait, he’s not dead, yet!) Though I share Gus’s exasperation with Kirsty, I don’t want Gavin to profit at her expense.


You make your will including the wording “in the expectation/contemplation of my marriage to” the person you are marrying.

And there must be an intention on the part of the testator that the will should not be revoked by the subsequent marriage and this must be expressly stated in the will.

(It works in Ontario as well as the UK.)


Janie, bear in mind that (a) I’m talking about England and Wales and (b) I am really not the legal professional you want unless you’ve been caught half-way down a drainpipe with a bag marked “swag”, and frankly probably not then either.

But with that in mind: a marriage invalidates all prior wills, unless you – as That Fish said while I was typing.


Which Janie won’t be, because she is subtile and stealthy and labels the bag ‘cat kibble’


Thank you for all the good legal and burgling advice. Some of it is several decades too late, but yes, Gus, of course I use the kibble technique, labelling it ‘swag’ would be absurd!


Heh! …sounds like the story of my life! :roll_eyes:


I once had a funny incident involving a would be burglar

We arrived moments after the alarum call as we were a mere 100 yards away at the time

We entered the tobacconist and newsagent via the broken front door

We heard yelling from the back as one youth tried to escape past my colleague who was standing where the front door was

One burglar arrested

Then I wandered nay sauntered around the back you see a head protruding from the rear window through the bars on said window

We would NEVER have joked with the fire service about slipping with the saw to cut said bars or the ambulance crew about helping to deal with the swelling on his neck with a tournequet during the four hours it took to release the burglar into my tender care

Well not much anyway