Oh, what a disappointment!


…there was me expecting the roar of a double-barrelled shotgub, and no feme-musak, but what a way to conclude a week, shouty, screamy, whiney, windgeing piffle leading into dum-dee-dum-dee-dum-dee-dum! …and it’s Friday! Cor, what a swizz!


I don’t think it was a swizz. While I’m all for the highest achievable number of corpses as a general principle,the horrible smash of a marriage against a wall will do, faute de mieux. And that was a truly horrible smash…


It was a truly horrible marriage; it had Emma in it


I was going to say that…


Well I just want a week without the wailing whining begging one who is like her Ma and only Ed’s good sense stopped them committing fraud and becoming a jailbird like her Ma

Now we have to listen to her wailing about being entitled to the house and a la Kate saying It’s not Faaaaaiiiir!


You could have stopped there.