Oliver and Tracy


I still want them to get together! I think he deserves to be in a new relationship, and it would be so exciting for Tracy to be the lady of Grey Gables!


If it gets the bloody Grundies out of there & makes them face facts it gets my vote.


The Grundys are not in Grey Gables.


Are you sure? You need to keep checking for six months after the infestation’s been killed off.


Pah. Eejit I am.


It would to my mind be indecently soon after Caroline carking it for him to embark on a ‘new relationship’. But he most certainly doesn’t ‘deserve’ Tracy.
Apart from the disparity in age and class, she is an utter yahoo (sledging, offers to key cars, etc) and vulgarian (out on the pull in Borchester/Felpersham clubs). Although the SWs’ recent attempt to retrofit ‘a heart of gold’ (and we all know who is supposed to have those) suggest, rather horribly, that this might be what they are working up to.

Oh, and she’s another devotee of the cult of ‘familee’. Spewk.
If this relationship happens, I shall be very cross indeed. With tbtb and with you.


Behave, Gus: I don’t think Kara writes the scripts!


Shan’t. She’s encouraging them. < shunnity > < shunnity >


Tsk. Is there something wrong?

You alright hun?

(swims away very fast indeed and hides in the waterweed)


(hires big feck-off dredger)


Someone call for Sparrer’s Bruvver Dredging Services?

Ignore the boxes on the deck, they’re just, er, infill.


Now, why am I suddenly thinking of Shark in Venice?

I mean, does that thing shrink to fit into the smaller canals?


Makes its own as it goes along.


Looking forward to watching this…