OMG! (Note to the editor)


…it is my considered opinion that some of TA episodes are somewhat “over-Foleyed” (…look it up!) e.g. when a character says “…let’s 'ave a cuppa!”, suddenly there are miscellaneous glugs and sounds of pouring tea etc. etc. …and then there are all the slurping and gronff/scapping/chewing sounds and lines spoken through mouthfuls of food (…thankfully absent in tonight’s episode!)

“It’s so 'ard wivout 'er!” (…just ask Wywyum! (…wochit, Sturmey!- Ed))

Ooooo, let’s all 'ave a quick pray for TheProfesewer! (…naaaah, let’s not!)


Speakin’ as an occasional amateur sound engineer, I very much agree. Still, it makes a break from the talking.


Or not, if It’s a mealtime at Brookfield